I am a writer with a degree in English and a background in reading over 700 books (and continuing). In my writing I touch on truth, faith, psychology, personal narrative, fiction, poems, purpose, culture, politics, worldview, and more. I will be uploading pieces I’ve written for magazines, newspapers, class assignments, and personal pieces, as well as continue to write new posts. Please let me know what you like, dislike, and want to see more of. Thanks!

What does “awakening journey” mean? I believe that the core of every human being is the spirit full of the fruits of the spirit: Love, Joy, peace, etc. Our spirit is a part of the spirit of God. The heart of the human life is go on a journey of awakening to who we truly are, one with God. To awaken, we must learn identify with our spirit and not our ego, which believes that we’re separate from God and can do things better on our own. Journey is an acknowledgement that we never “arrive” at a destination. We’re always growing and surrendering more into who we truly are and learning how to integrate that into our daily lives.

This blog is to document my journey of awakening and hopefully help you along your journey as well.