I haven’t blogged in a while. I haven’t followed my new year’s resolution very well either. I think there’s several reasons for this. When I wrote my resolutions I expanded on what I had accomplished the past year, but what I found is that instead of increasing what I’ve done I need to change a few things that I’ve been doing. I’ve been slowing down, enjoying the moment, and feeling through life in a more authentic spontaneous manner.

I’ve been happily surprised that my anxiety has been improving. I don’t feel the need to rush to figure out my beliefs. I do not feel like I need to prove my beliefs to my parents or try to get them to make this journey of exploring beliefs that I am on. I am finding that my exploration of beliefs is starting to bear fruit through my interactions with others that I am able to help and many of them are able to help me.

I have also gotten to a point on my blog where my life has not changed much externally, but I am progressing more internally. Writing about feelings, ideas, and beliefs is more complicated than relaying what has happened to me externally, especially when less time has passed. Meaning, there’s less time to process these internal experiences into an intelligible, logical blog post. So I’ve been allowing myself time to process internally before sitting down and writing them out.

I have also kind of lost my linear journey. Now that I’m writing about the internal journey a hundred roads spread out and I’m having a difficult time picking a direction or knowing where to start. However, I do want to talk about my friend.

After I read the Dead Saint’s Chronicles I told my mentor about it and he referred me to someone I had known since I was young, but had never gotten to know closely. When I talked to him it became apparent that he had been on the journey I had started for a few years, reading hundreds of books. After countless hours of talking to him and reading a few books that he recommended to me I believe I have a rudimentary grasp of his beliefs.

I have written a rough draft of his beliefs (beliefs which I am exploring myself). Once he polishes up these beliefs I will present them in a blog post and then begin to explore these beliefs further in future blog posts. I’m really excited to share these things with y’all in the future.

I might write a few blog posts talking about my past and how it relates to my current journey today until my busy friend gets back to me. Sorry about the absence. I will see y’all soon.

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