The Singularity Experience (and a warning)

Near death experiences, DMT, religious ecstasy, kundalini awakening, baptism of the Holy Spirit, etc. What do all these things have in common? I’m going to call dub these things as the singularity experience. All of these experiences cause an individual to feel intense positive emotions as well as a change in the way they see the world that has long term affects on their life.

  • I think by now I’ve read over 50 Near Death Experience accounts. There are differences among individuals, but what they all came away with is that:
  • God is real
  • He/She (God is beyond gender) loves us more than we can imagine
  • going to heaven has more to do with Love than our particular belief systems
  • a sense of oneness with other people the universe, and God
  • the loss of fear of death
  • a sense of divine purpose and meaning in life.

These other singularity experiences share many of these same takeaways. However, when people come down from these experiences there is often disorienting and negative feelings that they have to deal with as well: depression, finding purpose, difficulty adjusting to normal life, etc.

I have documented my own experience and struggles the years following. What I will say about my experience that I experienced more Love from God than I ever thought possible and a Oneness with God, the universe, and other people like never before. Internally, I knew that my beliefs could not stay the same. They were too shallow, too restricted, to un-loving. They were not compatible with God that I had experienced and with how I saw the universe during my experience. I knew deep down that these feelings were true.

I finally got to a healthy place and began to progress on my intellectual and spiritual journey once more. As I began to read I began to find other writers who expressed some of my feelings into ideas and intellectual expression. I found people in my life who were open to ideas and some who were far ahead of me in exploring these ideas.

The next blog post I will talk about a book that opened me up to exploring ideas I had during my experience. These ideas will be foreign and heretical to traditional American Christian beliefs. And while I still feel anxiety and fear in exploring these beliefs, I believe God is leading me toward truth and wisdom.

So here is my warning to those who are not ready or unwilling to explore their beliefs and why they have them. For those, not ready to entertain ideas outside of their comfort zone this is the place to stop. When you feel called by God, proceed.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, in fact, I feel like a child once more, exploring all things again, knowing that I know nothing. These posts will just be my ponderings and contemplation of these ideas. I hope you enjoy and benefit as I have. Blessings!

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