The Disappearance of the universe review

I read this book to prepare to read the Course in Miracles. Two spirits appeared to the Author, Gary Renard and taught him the basics of the CIM. The beliefs of the CIM is that human collective consciousness created the universe out of a sense of shame, believing they were separate from God and he was angry about it. But our spirits can never be truly separate from the Spirit of God. We’re living in a dream supported by our egos. All of our attachments to this world is our ego trying to stay alive. God is above all things and in all things. The universe does reflect him. The physical is not evil per say, but our ultimate reality and goal is the disillusion of the ego and becoming one with God. Until we can work through our Karma, our lessons to heal us from our ego, we will continue to reincarnate into physical bodies. However, we mostly forget these past lives because our conscious mind could not handle it or function well in our current life.

If this sounds out there and hard to swallow trust me, it was a lot for me at first. I had to read and wrestle with all of the previous books I’ve read before coming to a place where I could accept this book at least a little bit. I felt a lot of guilt and shame over how big my ego was and all of my attachments to this life. All of my dysfunctional coping and defensive mechanisms became more apparent. But the more I read the book, the more I started seeing myself from my true divine spirit, One with God, instead of seeing myself from my ego, exposed and naked, scared of its annihilation.

The book talked about how there’s really only two states of being, Love and fear. Our true self is pure love and ego is pure fear. The book talks about Oneness, we are all one in God. We should view everyone else as apart of ourselves and practice radical forgiveness. What bothers ourselves about others is something we need to forgive and resolve in ourselves. Why does this bother us? How can we view this person from the divine perspective and see the divine within them?

The book also believes that dysfunction, including physical, resides primarily from the mind. Resolving mind dysfunction often solves physical problems. That’s not to say we shouldn’t use physical means of healing. Our ego often needs these methods to convince ourself.

In Summary, this book helps us to see the world from the perspective of Oneness. We still live in a world of duality and should be aware of this. But we’re missing the full and ultimate perspective if we do not see life originating from the mind. Kill the ego and awaken to your true self, one with God. The more we can do this, the more we can act out of love instead of fear.

I’m looking forward to reading the Course in Miracles and writing posts about my reflections on it.

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