The Dead Saints Chronicles Review

The Dead Saints Chronicles: A Zen journey through the Christian afterlife is a dying man’s work of love and discovery. About half a year ago I started writing seriously again, on a story about heaven. I found a note of a book recommendation from my first counselor and thought I should read it as part of my research. What I found changed my life forever.

The Dead Saints Chronicles (or DSC) uses research about many Near Death Experiences to form an idea of what heaven will be like. The author sought to connect Christianity and the Bible to these ideas while also being open to differences in traditional beliefs and explains how the Bible is not inerrant. The author not only talks about life after death, but about pre-existence, reincarnation, and a wide view of salvation.

Most NDE’s experience a life review and understand that suffering during life is meant to teach us. In fact, the author calls life “earth university.” The author explains that we can learn lessons a lot easier and faster on earth with the duality of good and evil than in Heaven where there is no sin.

David Solomon talks about Pre-existence. Souls exist in heaven and choose their path on life to learn certain lessons in their life before being born on earth. Now, everyone still has free will and can choose to deviate from their path, not learn their certain lessons, hurt others, etc. but there is a plan and purpose for certain things in life.

Solomon holds the belief that souls are energy and energy does not go out of existence, but merely transforms or changes. It always exists and does not die. Solomon believes (and some NDE testimonies corroborate this) that souls reincarnate over and over again until they have learned enough or perhaps God offers for them to stay in heaven instead of continuing on the cycle of reincarnation.

Solomon places significance in the symbology of the number 12, giving examples such as the 12 zodiac signs, apostles, fruits of the spirit, etc. Solomon lays out 12 life lessons he believes everyone must learn through the cycles of reincarnation. The life lessons are: Alrightness (grace), purity of heart, creativity, judgment/discernment, intuition, loyalty, discipline, communication, sexuality, balance, money, and power.

Solomon places importance on dreams and finding purpose in daily living. He kept a journal where he documented dreams and his daily life so that he could discover the lessons that life was trying to teach him.

Solomon also described how NDE’s included a life review that we judge ourselves rather than God judging us. He gives examples of NDE’s that describe levels of heaven according to how much we have learned on earth. Solomon also believes and talks about Karma.

Overall, this book had many parallels with thoughts that I had while manic. Solomon, while a Christian, believes in many of these things that are generally attributed more towards Eastern religions. He verifies these beliefs with NDE testimonies and explains how he believes they are compatible with Christianity.

This book gave me the permission to explore these ideas further and discover if I really do believe they are true or not. In future posts I will talk more about such things such as reincarnation, salvation, truth in other religions, who Jesus is and what the cross meant, karma, etc.

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