Telepathy and the Internet

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~Carl Jung

“As above, so below. As within, so without.” -Hermes Trismegistus

What is the internet? That’s a question most of us don’t think about very often. The internet is something that developed quickly and pervades our modern society. It is both a wonder and a curse. Praised and bemoaned alike.

The internet began as a government tool, but was then released to the public and developed in ways no one could have ever predicted. The internet is used for many things, but today I want to focus on social media. Social media is probably the most popular and time-consuming use of the internet today. It is where we share our lives – our thoughts, feelings, pictures, interests, etc.

What does this have to do with telepathy? Telepathy is a sharing of thoughts, pictures, emotions between individuals through direct mind connection forgoing language. Is this possible? Studies have shown twins seem to have some degree of telepathy and I think we’ve all had moments with others where there seems to be invisible connections and understanding.

The internet, and social media specifically is in a sense a use of telepathy. If you think about it the internet is like a giant brain of collective consciousness from all who contribute to it. People share with each other thoughts, emotions, pictures, etc. with each other. Of course these may be highly filtered, faked, dressed-up, etc. But people can also be more honest, vulnerable, and open than they are in real life. I’ve discovered the latter on Twitter. While Facebook is often used to connect with family and friends, Twitter is used by many to communicate with strangers yet who have shared experiences and interests.

Many see Twitter as a dumpster fire. Certainly it can be. There is a lot of angst and negative focus. Such is human nature. But it has also given me a picture of people’s inner lives, things they don’t feel safe sharing with family or in the social communities they are in. I see the positives within the negative expressions as well.

Some say the world is getting worse. They point to the news, events, and social media among other things. And while these things can disproportionally focus on the negative and skew the view of reality, I see them as flashlights. Before we had these flashlights negative things were still happening around the world. We were just more unaware of it. And while in the short run that may have made us more happy, in the long run everything and everyone affects each other.

Now that we have these flashlights, we’re making the darkness conscious. We’re exposing both the outer and inner world. This creates more complexity, but it also gives us the opportunity to address the negative and dysfunctional. When suffering reaches a tipping point, we either give up or find ways of dealing with it. That is what therapy is all about. I believe that these flashlights will spur us onto a tipping point of dealing with the negative and finding better coping mechanisms, both individually within ourselves, and externally in society.

I believe humanity is on the edge of a new paradigm. Things may get worse for a while as we go through the childbirth pains of change, but in time we will heal and grow from all of this darkness that is getting exposed to the light. I hope this article has helped you not to just see the negative, but see the positive on the other side and have hope for a better tomorrow.

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