Perfection is…

Recently, I was going through my notes when I had my awakening and I found a poem I had written. I thought I would share it with you all:




Perfection is…

When time starts running backwards and we all become like Benjamin Button, mature little kids.

When we learn how to dig ourselves out of our graves and breathe among the living again.

When we learn the secrets of the mind: how to fly, whisper across leagues to one another, transform the world magically to our will

Appreciate life just as it is by feeling pain as pleasure and defying the decay of time.

When we learn the secrets of speed and control in order to conquer the separation of space horizontally, vertically, and voluminously

When we begin to turn the 4 seasons back and forth according to our desires for humankind’s good.

When the oldest sacrifice themselves for the youngest just to be reborn again perfected as a beautiful monument to loyalty.

When we learn how to become 1 personality from the 9 to accomplish great things and then split back into 9, and then multiply into thousands from there.

When all tears are shed from happiness and we view them as sweet nector to be cherished rather than ashamed of.

When we see mountains as something to be conquered as an adventure rather than a formidable foe blocking our path to something better in life.

When we never feel restless or weary again. All the aches, scars, bitterness, etc. are just an ancient memory born away by divine ecstasy we currently feel.

When we learn the secrets of water walking by the use of balance, breathing, oils in our skin and most of all, faith.

When we work for the joy of creation and never tire nor waver in fulfilling our Holy passions.

When we learn to swim like dolphins and breathe like fish so that we can explore the depths of the mysterious oceans.

When we learn to only fear God, but realize his infinite love and perfect justice for us.

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