Parable of Love’s triumph over knowledge

Parable of Love over knowledge

“Dad, I’m scared.”

4-year-old Tommy climbed onto his Father Joe’s lap. Joe smiled broadly.

“Why are you scared my son?”

“well…Billy told me that you find food in the dirt for us to eat, but Lilly said you find seeds and put them in the ground and then later they turn into food for us. I don’t know what to believe.” Billy and Lilly were Tommy’s brother and sister, just a few years older than he was.

Joe scrunched his brow and then looked up contemplatively. “I do both in a way. I buy seeds from other men who collect them from trees. Then I plant them in the ground and water them. They grow into plants which I then harvest. We eat some of the food and I sell the rest so we can have this house and everything else we need to live.”

Tommy’s pudgy face looked up at his father in astonishment, “That’s a lot of things!” Tommy suddenly bit his lip and tears fell from his eyes.

Joe surprised, picked Tommy from his lap and hugged him to his chest, “what’s wrong Tommy?”

Tommy’s words came between sobs, “I want to…know everything about…you so…you will be proud…of me Daddy.”

Joe held his son out at arm’s length and looked him in the eye. “There’s nothing you could do to make me love you more than I do right now. You will learn more as you grow older. Someday, you may understand what I do for our family, but there will always be more to learn. And that’s a fun part of life.” Joe poked his son’s nose playfully.

“But Daddy, what about when I do something wrong, and you take away my toys?”

 “Everything I do for you son is because I love you. When you do something wrong, I punish you so that you will learn and grow. But my love for you never changes. I know that you won’t always get it right and that’s ok. I care more about your heart to try your best.” Joe smiled mischievously, “you’re not Mr. Perfect. You’re Mr. Tommy, my son. And that’s just the way I like it.

Tommy smiled and nestled his head against his father’s chest once again. “I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too Son. More than you can imagine.”

Sometimes I can be like Tommy. I think I must know everything. I panic when what I thought was true turns out to be false or incomplete. But then I panic thinking that I could be being deceived by the devil. Truth is, God loves my messy journey. He knows that I’m just a child and cannot comprehend the mysteries of him and the spiritual world. He loves that I’m pursuing wisdom.

But he cares most of all about Love. Sometimes in my pursuit of Truth I forget to actually love him or his other children, my brothers and sisters. So I continue to pursue truth, trusting that he will guide me (John 16:13). But most of all, in my thoughts, feelings, and actions, I strive to Love. (Matthew 22:37)

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