Moving into a new stage of consciousness

Recently I read Dolores Cannon’s 3 Waves of Volunteers. Cannon was a past life regressionist psychotherapist who helped people resolve problems in their life by connecting it with struggles in their past lives. However, she found that many people had not had past lives on earth but volunteered to come help advance the consciousness of the Earth because we’re at a dangerous precipice. The precipice is the development of the Atomic bomb and the threat of us destroying the Earth altogether. These volunteers either came from God (or source) as individuated souls or were aliens in previous lives.

After I read the book and did some research I realized that the belief in the book was widespread in the New Age movement. They believe that the earth is shifting to a new stage of consciousness and we can monitor that shift through the Schuman Resonance (Earth’s heartbeat). They have formed an interesting alliance and shared belief with the Qanon movement.

All of that is a lot to take in and believe. While I’m not sure I buy all of it I do see some truth in it. If we look at things from a Spiral Dynamics perspective American culture has been in stage 5, rationalistic stage for quite some time. While we have had the hippie movement, a shift to stage 6 (post-modern), a movement that has evolved into the New Age movement today, our country is run by stage 5. I find it hard to imagine a governmental structure that works well with stage 6 and think that developing stage 7 leaders is our way forward.

I think most people can agree that we’re starting to see the cracks in capitalism and that something needs to change. People are recognizing old un-loving attitudes and beliefs in religion and choosing to grow within or reject their religion altogether. Many have come out of Evangelical Christianity to Progressive and we’re now seeing the Emerging church.

We’re seeing that the medical, business, education, and political models are propelled by money and power instead of actual care of people and our country at large. We’re seeing corruption and dysfunction. Many our burned out.

But there’s also hope and glimpses of change. The self-help movement is starting to venture into spirituality. Psychology has proven the health benefits of meditation, yoga, and psychedelics (though this last one still has many variables). Hollywood and now Silicon Valley business has begun embracing these things. Gurus abound on the internet, bringing Eastern wisdom to the West (plenty of corruption abounds as well). Elon Musk is leading the charge in thinking from a global perspective on how to advance society, technology, and the globe at large.

The internet has brought attention to worldwide issues. This can inundate us with negativity and everyone is learning to balance news with positive real life living, but there is good things coming out of this. The war between Russia and Ukraine is perhaps teaching the world a better way to wage war – economic crippling. Time will tell if this is effective and stops future wars and excessive bloodshed.

Joe Rogan is leading our country forward on free speech in inviting people of opposing views to have a healthy (usually/mostly) discussion instead of people shouting past each other like we’ve so grown accustomed to in the news media. Finally, an intriguing future is being envisioned by some. The book The Singularity is Near is a transhumanism vision of AI’s performing many of societies jobs and thereby freeing us from being so controlled by money and power. I have not actually read the book, but I plan to read the sequel coming out in 2023.

There’s a lot of negativity, suffering, and unknown. There may even need to be a systematic crash before things get better. But I do have hope that they will and that it will be sooner rather than later. Let’s all pray and do our part in working on ourselves and loving others.

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