Looking ahead in 2023

I’m still learning how best to do goals or if I should even call them goals. Nevertheless, I think the new year is always a good time to examine and re-assess oneself and continue the journey of awakening.

I’ve noticed that the more healthy and happy I feel, the more I start to slack off from doing the habits that got me to that place in the first place. This year I want to get back to exercising regularly as my lower back pain has started to flair up again. My sleep has also been erratic as my body has been more tired from the lack of movement.

This semester I need to find an internship site for grad school so that I can start in the summer. I’ve got a place in mind. I hope it works out. I also want to continue transition from being so focused on theology, and big-picture world/universe focus to a more internal day to day, in the moment, focus on myself and focus more on learning about mental/emotional health. I hope to be as prepared as I can be for when my internship starts in the summer.

I’ve noticed that while I like to talk about emotions and inner work, I often use intellect to hide beyond actually going deep within the feelings and messiness inside of myself. I want to be even more bold and fearless in that regard so that when I am counseling, I come across more authentic and model vulnerability so that clients will feel comfortable and share with me. I want to be accessible to everyone and not just those are are familiar/comfortable with intellectual conversations.

I have been working on my intentions and questions I have before sleep and then listening when I wake up. While its still hazy, I feel like I am on the edge of remembering so much more from my sleep time. I look forward to continued improvements. I have also been listening to my body and working on breathing through tension. I have been taking time to listen to the silence, and realize that the world is never silent. There is always a ringing or vibration, usually below our conscious awareness. I’ve been reading Seth Speaks books and surrendering to the possibilities of the spiritual dimensions and those spirits who may be around to help us.

I have received an Akashic reading and found out interesting things about myself, some which I know deep down, and some I wasn’t as aware of. I am using this report as motivation to continue diving into myself and pursuing creativity. I want to continue to make time for play and flow. I’ve been drawing some geometry and the other night I did some automatic writing. I want to continue this writing and may publish it here or an audio/video version on Youtube.

I made plans with my friend to make a podcast. We’ve encountered some difficult setbacks in vision and how we’re going to make it work. I hope it works out, but I have another offer of a podcast partner if it falls through. Whatever happens, I believe that I will be making some version of audio to share with the internet this year.

I’m happy with the growth of last year and I want to continue that momentum onward this year. I want to continue growing my self-love and believing that I can achieve my dreams. But I’m still staying open to what God has planned for me and that it will surely look somewhat different than I had thought. What are your reflections of 2022? What are some of your goals for 2023? I’d love to hear from you.

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