Life in the womb

The choir assembled in the exterior bones of the world, punctual as always, waiting for the explosion of light and color to puncture the expanse, in order to release a glorious melody across the globe. As the sun reached the horizon the birds launched into their song in a syncopated fashion perched on branches gently swaying in the wind.

The scene was oddly reminiscent of an even more natural part of Mother Earth’s glorious life, the breathing in and out of dark blue on top of millions of nano-rock packed together, so minute that poets described the assortment as “fine.” Fledglings also soared around these sacred spaces of the globe, unconsciously observing the rise and swell of the waves against the sand, hoping for a glimpse of a meal beneath the surface of the mystery of vast, heavy expanse yet ever changing shape.

The water was not bothered by life in all its forms because it could fluidly encompass it all within its fiery depths by simply moving around and through Anything that willingly or unwillingly plunged its cold tendrils. Many souls were drawn to this place where solid ground met restless depths. When pressed to explain their attraction to these primal areas, words stumbled…highlighted the beauty, the smell, the feel of it all. But the truth went deeper, for souls reconnect with timelessness, with the tender breath of Mother Earth throughout and before the observance of history.

These were most often, not places of great historical significance, save as the harbinger of travelers to and from this foreign inconsistent consistency that they floated above and through the surface on with wood and sheet. Any keen observer recognizes that our breath mimics Mother Earth’s in the small spaces where H2O in its lighter form travels from the heavens to inside of ourselves, unconsciously tying our life together with Mother Earth which holds us in her womb.

Maybe life is just a cosmic growth as we, the fetuses of the earth grow inside of it? Death, seen as the release into the unknown, but actually is the point of our development into independent life outside of the womb. Our fear views it as an end, because we cannot fathom that which is outside of our mother’s belly.

Yes, we’ve formed artificial umbilical cords to travel the dark realms of space, but we’re still tied to our mother through breath so that we may remain in our state of fetus and not be released into death. And space is not the release from the womb, but merely a casing between us in the womb and the outside world.

Those wishing for a hastening to true life would do well to remember that premature birth is sure to lead to complications and strive to find contentment in the time we have now to learn and grow in order to prepare for our coming birth. So, be cognizant of our Mother’s breath and syncopate our breathing to match, so we may be comforted in her loving belly. Enjoy the moment and develop into a human being. Soon, our birth will come, soon.

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