Imagine a New Earth

Imagine a world in which people communicated telepathically. No one could lie or deceive anyone.

Imagine a world in which people started valuing the feminine inside of themselves more. Imagine we realize that we have an inner voice that guides us. Imagine that we begin to realize our true deep passions and desires. We stop focusing on momentary selfish pleasures, but long-lasting soul satisfying pursuits and careers. Imagine that we begin to value each other by how loving and authentic people are rather than how they presented themselves or what they could serve our own momentary needs.

Imagine a generation that takes on the responsibility of recognizing karma passed down in the family line and takes ownership of dealing with it so it does not continue to be passed on. Imagine a generation that goes to therapy and does the inner work to heal and grow past their parents and grandparents trauma and unhealthy ways of dealing with life.

Imagine that we continue to learn about quantum physics. Imagine we learn the root causes of sickness and society begins to heal and live longer healthier lives. Imagine the money people would save and the happiness that would increase. Imagine how much more learning we could have with longer lifetimes and the shift in attitude from valuing the young so much to appreciating the old more.

Imagine a world in which we learn to utilize AI for so many different types of work that we could free ourselves from the enslavement of our current monetary system and we could spend time cultivating relationships, play, creativity, art, invention, and discovery.

Imagine a world in which we learned more about who God is: how loving and creative he is, how the suffering in the universe is caused by our own fear, trauma, hatred, greed, and ignorance. Imagine we learn that by feeling this love of God inside we change our inner reality which then helps us change our exterior reality and spread that love between others.

Imagine an age of the spirit where the walls between religions breaks down. We shrug off the angry, punishing, tribalistic God, and see that we’re all one. Imagine we come together under one goal of peace, love, joy, healing, growth, beauty, creativity, and discovery.

Imagine we learn that death is not the end, but merely a transition from physical to another dimension. Imagine we no longer fear death, but appreciate the experience of physical and spirit life that we get to cycle between.

Imagine we learn that Junk DNA is not junk, but aspects of ourselves that we have forgotten how to harness. Imagine we learn how to use this DNA and grow in our understanding of the oneness between all things. Imagine we learn how to communicate with spirits and consciously choose to listen to the wise ones over the harmful ones. Imagine we learn how to communicate with loved ones who have passed away and talk with Angels who are guiding and protecting us.

Imagine we learn that we are far from alone in the universe. There are Extra-Terrestrials here around our world that are here to help us. Imagine that we heal our planet enough that ET’s revealing themselves to us will result in a positive way that will change us forever. Imagine that we join with their galactic federation and they help expand our understanding of the universe and help us evolve in the future.

Imagine that we stop seeing the Earth as something to conquer and profit from, but a gift to cherish and work in harmony with. Imagine that we discover how to work with DNA in such a way that we can start to bring back species that have become extinct and we treat Mother Gaia in a way that prevents catastrophes such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and Tsunami’s.

Imagine that we learn how to live off of a vegetarian lifestyle and even finally solely use light to give us energy and sustenance for life so that we no longer need to take or sacrifice anything for our own living.

Imagine that we learn to consciously control our exiting and returning to our bodies whenever we please so that we no longer need sleep or death to bring about this change. In this way we can enjoy fully both the physical and spirit world in the same lifetime.

Imagine we learn the secrets of ancient sites like the pyramids around the world and Stonehenge. Imagine we learn the energetic connections they have to different star systems to connect with galactic beings. Imagine we continue to learn the energetic properties of crystals, lay lines, and our own bodies to help each other heal and raise our awareness in consciousness

Imagine we begin to remember our past lives. We remember the mistakes and lessons we’ve made from other lifetimes so that we can avoid them and make better choices in the future.

Imagine that more and more people awaken to the Oneness of love and connection between God, the universe, and all beings until the ripple becomes a roaring flood that tears across the planet and creates a New Earth.

This is the future that the New Age envisions. This is the future so many have promised that we’re headed to since 2012. I hope you can imagine it. I hope you see the beginning ripples of it. I hope you awaken. I hope you take part.

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