I’m Starting a Podcast!

Hey guys, I know it has been a while. I decided to start a podcast a while back, but had a few hiccups trying to figure out co-hosts and direction. Turns out I am going to be the sole host of the show, but I plan to have many guests on.

Some of the topics I cover will overlap with what I cover here, but I hope to expand and add many new topics. This past year and a half I’ve met a lot of great people and had many meaningful conversations with all of them. I hope to have some of these people on the podcast. I actually have already talked with Trace Bell, Rob Bell’s son.

I started the podcast for several reasons. Developing my speaking voice is important for being a counselor and also a personal goal of mine. I’m often an external processor so having these discussions helps me out. But I also started it for others who have been on the spiritual journey themselves. I started it for those Christians going through deconstruction and reconstruction. I started it for those outside of Christianity that we can also learn from and they can learn from the Christian tradition as well. I started it for those struggling to find deep connection and community. I started it to help create ideas and goals for a better future. I started it to help the Church think connect with the much broader bigger world outside of our own circles.

I titled the podcast Becoming who we are, in reference to our original goodness and finding the image of God within all people. I have spoken about it at length on here. You can find the podcast here. I have the first short intro up, but hope to put up more episodes soon.

I might still post blog posts up occasionally, but I will be shifting focus to mainly the podcast. I hope you listen and find it beneficial.

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