From my Desk: Political Polarization

“They’re trying to take away our guns!” “They want everyone to have a gun!” Do these statements sound familiar? Well if only one of these statements sounds ridiculous then you may have a problem. Media today is doing its best to rip our country in half, label us into two opposing camps, both characterized as ridiculous fanatics who won’t see the other side’s position. The latest argument over gun control is just the latest in a long list of battle lines we’ve been drawing between us. My personal opinion? I think both sides have a point. Guns are a right given to us by our forefathers to protect us both privately in our homes and as a nation against the government in case of oppression. But I also think that we must be careful with whom we bestow power too and perhaps we have been given power to freely in the past. Gun license process can at least be given an updated review. 

My point is that Republicans and Democrats may not be as different as public perception may lead you to believe. Both want our society to do well. Both want future generations to be able to have good opportunities to thrive and live a meaningful life. Both Democrats and Republicans want people to treat each other with love and respect. The problem is is that they have different ideas of what these things look like and how we as a society should achieve these goals. And as our society grows further apart, telling us we have to pick sides on a whole host of issues we begin to lose sight of our “opponents” humanity. We forget that they are people and see them as an evil that is trying to destroy our way of life.

So my advice for today is to stop. Take a moment to breathe. Try to put yourselves in other’s shoes who think differently than you. Do they have some valid points that could use some consideration? How can we come together as a country and find a way to work together? If we do these things. I think we have a chance at this whole one nation idea our forefathers birthed us under. 

(Originally published in the newspaper The Post Dispatch on 9/23/19)

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