From my Desk: Millennial’s and the cusp of technological explosion

I remember digging roadways with a spoon in the dirt for my hot wheels as a kid with other children my mom babysat. I remember jumping wooden ramps with my bike and soaring through the sky (and often crashing as well). I also remember quiet days spent inside reading book after book about battling knights to space travelling adventurers. Those were my young childhood days.

But I also remember when we first got dial-up internet and I fascinated by a new world opening up in front of my eyes (despite the turtle speed). I spent many hours playing educational games like reading rabbit, but also games like space invaders and countless mini-games on the web. My old passions did not die, but my time was divided with playing online games as well as these former activities.

I think my generation is a rare one who were born before technology really took ahold, but were still young enough to grow up to see it take hold. I received my first phone (a flip phone) when I was in high school and I received my first smartphone (an Iphone5) when I was 20.

These days kids are born into high speed internet, tablets, and Iphones at a very young age. Its their natural language. The older generation is concerned that the younger generation spends all their time in front of screens. While I do not disagree that there is a lot of harm in spending all your free time in front of screens I don’t think that internet or games is totally harmful. We all need time to relax and enjoy our free time. Many games today are multiplayer or online cooperative with headsets. These type of games promote teamwork, comradery, and friendship.

The key in all this I think is moderation. However, If you’re going to spend hours of your life on something make sure that it fits your passion, teaches you life lessons, and is rewarding. If we stick to these guidelines I think the future generations will turn out just fine.

(Originally published in the newspaper The Post Dispatch on 9/23/19)

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