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Kevin walks into the room and surveys the occupants. He approaches each individual and chats with them about their week. He focuses in on the topics they are passionate about. He makes sure one feels comfortable and included. Once he has talked with everyone he begins the life group. His church’s college group has struggled for some years and so Kevin volunteered to lead.

Kevin McCullough is an Electrical Engineer with 15+ years of experience. He taught himself programming and now serves as a bridge between Engineers and programmers. He works from home in Lubbock, Texas so that he can spend more time with his family. He video conferences with his co-workers, leading their collaboration effort. Kevin is also active with his church, Quaker Avenue Church of Christ, serving first as a deacon and now an elder. On Sunday mornings Kevin can be found operating the PowerPoint for the songs and sermon. Afterwards, he visits and encourages members before they leave church.

            Kevin’s family includes his wife Leslie and his three sons: Kendall, Evan, and Jordan. They testify to his servanthood, mentioning the fact that he has sacrificed promotions so that they can remain in Lubbock with their extended family. He faithfully leads his household with Love, Wisdom, and Grace. As his kids grew up, Kevin regularly attended their swim meets and piano concerts.

            Forty-six year old Kevin believes that God blessed his family financially. Kevin has made sure to give back. He tithes regularly to the church and supports his parents with paying for their house. Kevin and his wife grew up poor. They understand what it is like to support themselves in college. They made sure to save and help support their sons through college. However, Kevin and Leslie also taught their sons the valuable lesson of working hard. They stipulated that their sons must maintain a job and help support themselves through college and beyond.

            The McCullough family has gone on vacation every year since 2000. They have travelled to many different states and even to Canada. While these are times to relax and bond, they are also opportunities to learn more about different cultures. Kevin has consistently sacrificed time and money to provide opportunities for his sons to grow and mature with wisdom and love. Kevin’s sons attend a week-long church leadership camp every summer. In 2014 Kevin sent his son Kendall to Summit Ministries where he learned about Worldview and Apologetics.

            Kevin truly is a servant to his family, his church, and his community. If more people followed Kevin’s example, our country would be in a much better place. Most importantly, Kevin fears and loves God.

First submitted to World Magazine for the World Journalism Program on 5/14/17

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