Electronesia – Prologue, Pt. 2

I sat there pondered these things as I waited for the hours to tick by. The shadows grew long on my wall as the dome faded to inky black. I sat down in my electronic chair and drew the helmet over my face. It was time.

As the machine started to whir and the screen lit up with light I thought about what led me to this point. There was no job opportunities left. My relationships with my family and friends had all begun to fracture and break apart like the world in which I once knew

The world had changed so quickly. What was alive was now dead, a cold cosmopolitan, government-controlled society, devoid of any real color. The wild between cities was expressly forbidden, God knows why, and there remained nowhere to go, but inwards.

 My previous job with IT had provided me with in an to the black web. Highly illegal, but what else was I going to do? Play all the deadening VR simulations that they government had hooked up to the masses like Opioid dens? No, I wanted the real deal.

A couple of weeks ago, I had begun to hear rumors of a man who had hacked the system. He found a way to access the alleged system that allowed VR to directly immerse with one’s own unconscious. While society had lost the art of introspection a long time ago, this was a promise of reconnection, of a world forgotten and unexplored since the dawn of psychotherapy in the early 20th Century.

How could I resist? Was it safe? Was this a government sting orchestrated to round of resisters to the reality they presented us? I don’t know, but I was willing to take the risk.

My screen lit up and my curated home filled my vision, a towering castle rising into the sky. I grinned. I will never grow out of castles. I entered in past the outer walls and ascended a tower in the middle of the fortress. The steps wound around and upward into the clouds. At the top I withdrew a key and opened the door to the top chamber. Never could be too careful with digital hackers who wanted to follow your online footprint.

Inside lay a narrow chamber with a chair facing a window looking out into the blue. I could see mountains far away peaking through the clouds. I mashed a button on the stone wall of the window and a stone slat rotated away to reveal a keyboard beneath. Ok, I know the Middle Ages Aesthetic wasn’t perfect. I typed in 3.14 and clicked enter as I stared out the window. A black dot appeared and quickly grew, my home world faded away.

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