Electronesia – Prologue Pt. 1

MY NAME is Kelby. I checked my gear, making sure that it was clean for my next simulation. I glanced at my watch, 18:34, 6 hours until I entered world 3.14.00. I was born in 2050, at the explosion of the second technological revolution. The first technological revolution began with the public use of the internet. Now, this had expanded to VR and the worldwide network connection between personal VR’s.

                    I held my fingerprint over an invisible button on my wrist and a fan expanded from my bionic arm. I dusted my gear off. The virtual world isn’t the only thing that had transformed. Biotech had changed the human body forever. What began as a quest to extend human life with biomechanical body parts grew into any customizable part that someone could desire. Wanted to be a buff bodybuilder? There were muscle implants for that. Wanted to have 20/20 vision. There were electronic eyes for that.

                    I glanced out the window. The dome was transitioning from pink to purple, signaling simulated nighttime would soon come. With the rise of technology came the distaste for the natural. Domes now covered cities so that they could be protected from the natural elements. Man wanted total control over life. Weather in cities was now dictated by daily polls, artificially manufactured by generators, sprinklers, fans, heaters, and vents. People moved to cities based on their weather preferences.

                    I looked down at the empty streets. The sidewalks were mostly occupied by robots vacuuming the dust. No one knew where it came from – God knows that there was nothing natural left in the city. Dust was not to be tolerated!

                    in the beginning of the scientific and technological revolution, technology was lauded with fanfare. Humanity had hope once more. Technology man believed, could solve many of man’s problems and usher in a new age of global peace. In the span of a few short decades, innovation exploded faster than scientists could have ever predicted or imagined. However, technology had a more sinister affect which people had not predicted. As technology provided more ease and did more things that people normally did, jobs for humans became scarce.

                    The idea arose that a large population is more of a curse and a blessing as jobs became scarcer while educational demands for jobs became more stringent. Eventually this led to a large part of the population being bored without anything to do of seeming worth. This led to the rise in crime and mischief. Out of this chaos arose a company called neurotech, a small theoretical research department of Gapple (Google Apple). This company promised to provide more jobs while simultaneously occupying much of the restless population’s boredom by fulfilling their fantasies.

                    Neurotech is the company that developed VR, producing different programs or worlds each month to sate the desires of private citizens. However, there was a rumor that Neurotech could and was doing much more under the surface. Some claimed that Neurotech had found a way to access user’s minds and that programs could create simulations from the users own electrical pulses of their brains.

                    Neurotech claimed ignorance, saying that such a thing was not possible now, but conspiracy theorists whispered that the government was using this capability for themselves. For what purpose, people could only speculate. Rumor has it that government was hypnotizing people and using them for their own purposes with these programs.

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