Reconstructing Faith
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Two gospels give virgin birth origins to Jesus, yet they conflict on who visited Jesus and why. Or they chose to focus on one group visiting Jesus, but not the other one. The stories proclaim Jesus as the Son of God.

Jesus refers to himself as the Son of Man, but also God as his father. He also called us Sons and Daughters of God. He called us to follow him. 

Christians often claim that Jesus was fully God and fully man. What does that mean? Did Jesus claim that he himself was the way or that the way he lived, the way he embodied the human experience was the way to true life?

We often think of Christ as Jesus’s last name, but it actually was a title that meant “anointed one.” Anointing with oil in the Old Testament meant holiness and purification. It was a ceremony done before a person began a leadership role for the Israelites. Jesus definitely was a Jewish leader who changed the future of the world. 

Jesus again was a Jew. He knew the law and even spoke with the Pharisees from a young age. Besides that one story, we really don’t have any information about Jesus’s life. Some claim that he went and studied in India or that Jesus was a member of the small group of Essenes. 

The stories claimed that Jesus performed many miracles. Miracles involving producing food or transforming water into wine. Miracles of demon deliverance and restored health. Even miracles of bringing dead back to life. 

Jesus respected the law, but he also refined it. In some cases, he called for greater adherence to the law “Do not look lustfully at a woman, for you commit adultery in your heart.” Other times he changed the law “you have heard it said __, but I say ___. And many stories and passages he never mentioned in his ministry. 

Jesus did not behave as the Christ that the Jews expected him to. He did not fulfill the prophecies of restoring Israel out of the Romans hands. He ate with sinners and he did not always follow the laws of the Torah. 

Worst of all, he claimed to be the Christ, God’s own son. This eventually became too much and the Pharisees had Jesus killed. Then the stories claimed that Jesus rose from the dead. He appeared to have many more abilities than before his resurrection. Powers of not being recognized. Powers of teleportation and mass resurrection of the dead. Finally, the ability to ascend to heaven while still alive. 

So are these miraculous things true about Jesus? Was he born of a virgin? Did he die and come back from the dead? Did he ascend into heaven? Was he the Son of God?

I think from what I understand of Quantum Science that all of these things are within the realm of possibility. I also believe he’s the son of God, but with a caveat. I also believe that we are all Sons and Daughters of God, just like Jesus said. However, most of us have not lived out fully our true divine nature as Jesus has. Some call this Christ consciousness. 

I believe people are saved to the degree that they live within Christ consciousness. I believe that the Holy Spirit lives within all man. The more he lives within Christ consciousness (feeling, thinking, and acting out the fruits of the spirit) the more he recognizes the holy spirit inside of him. This sometimes culminates into a dramatic mystical experience such as Jesus’s baptism, the apostles experience at Pentecost. 

However, sometimes it seems the spirit is recognized out of nowhere in a direct 180 way of living and believing in the person before. This is shown in Paul’s experience on the road to Emmaus. I think that the journey and the particular experience looks different for everyone. 

I believe Jesus came to help us understand that we could all have a direct relationship with God. At the core of who we are is the Spirit. We are good. There’s no need to sacrifice to God. Miracles are possible, enacted out of the identity of spirit.