Reconstructing Faith
About Lesson

I grew up reading. I’ve read over 600 books. I read mostly fiction. While it didn’t talk about theology and belief explicitly, I believe that fiction is implicitly all about belief. What reading taught me was not what to think, but how to think well. I received my undergrad degree in English Literature from Lubbock Christian University. I went to Baylor University for a while, taking English, History, and Journalism classes. I had a mystical experience of God like many mystics describe. I am currently getting a graduate degree in psychology for counseling. The past year and a half I’ve read over 25 non-fiction books about religion and spirituality. I’ve talked to over 20 people and spent countless hours thinking, writing, and discussing ideas in this course. And I’m still going!

These are just some things to give the human part of you some confidence in my words. But really none of us need any official qualifications to teach. Life is a teacher to us all and we can all share with others what life has taught us. I hope my perspective speaks to your heart, mind, and spirit.