Reconstructing Faith
About Lesson

One day in college I was really stressed, thinking about all the work I had to do. I walked outside into a clear sunny day and instantly I felt better. I looked up into the big blue sky and breathed a sigh of release. I realize that inside buildings our problems seem a lot bigger. But once we go outside we see that the world, the physical features themselves are a lot bigger than our individual problems. Going outside helped me see outside of myself and how my self focus was dramatizing my own problems and stressing myself out.

Nature is healing. Man was not made for our fast paced, industrial world. Nature is slower. The sounds are more natural. The views more beautiful, both in the macro and the micro. Nature grounds us and helps us feel our body. It helps us connect us with our breath and slow our heart rate down. The sun gives us Vitamin D and lifts our mood. We can see the symbolism of seasons changing and how we go through these same seasons in our lives. 

Nature helps me connect with God. I can see his beauty in a vibrant sunset. I can see his grandeur in a tall mountain. I can see his intricacy in a spider’s web. Nature makes me feel a sense of awe and wonder. There’s a mystery to it. I connect with it, but I also yearn for more. It is like nature is a picture of God, but cannot contain the fullness of him that I long for.

In nature I feel closer to God. I try to get spend some time outside every day, occasionally go to parks, and go on vacations to the mountains.