Reconstructing Faith
About Lesson

Who Am I
Hello! I grew up Christian Bible belt going to a Church of Christ church. I wasn’t aware of the word evangelical till college and I was not aware of deconstruction till years later on Twitter. I took a class in Graduate school that examined the Bible in a way that was very uncomfortable for me. A year later in 2017 I had a powerful mystical experience of God’s love that changed how I viewed reality forever. Five years later after picking up the pieces of my shattered life I started my journey of reconstruction. Along the way I’ve been fortunate to find many along the path and many books, podcasts, and blogs to help me make sense of it all. I want to repay the favor and come alongside others in their journey.

If you want to read more in detail about my journey you can find it on my blog

Who are you?

I assume you are a seeker of truth. This course is specifically geared towards those who are no longer satisfied with the evangelical understanding of Christianity and are looking for a deeper, more nuanced faith. However, I hope that anyone on the spiritual path may find this course helpful as well. Feel free to skip around to what you find most helpful. This course is free, but I accept any donations that will help me pay for my graduate school fees for counseling.

Please also give me feedback on what I could improve or add to the course.

The Course

The course reflects my own personal journey. I’ll do my best to flow from one subject to the next and get things in the right order that I think will benefit you the most. I am not a detail person, but a generalist. I plan to hit on many things, but not go super in depth with much. I will provide a lengthy resource list that has helped me on my journey.