Reconstructing Faith
About Lesson

There are a couple of areas I believe are starting to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. One of these is quantum physics. Another is cognitive psychology and the study on consciousness. Closely related to that are the scientific studies on Near Death Experiences. 

These areas of science connect to Spirituality that has long understand that there is a greater reality than the physical. Hinduism and Buddhism have discovered from self observation in meditation that consciousness is more than the body and brain. We’re more than our thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Consciousness can observe all of these things and control them to some degree. However, some believe that there is an equality or symbiosis between consciousness and physicality rather than one being more fundamental than the other. 

Many religions and esoteric groups have also observed that there spiritual or energy field that interacts and affects physicality. It has been known as Chi, Prana, Aether, and many other names. 

Quantum physics shows us that in some way, humans observation of the physical world affects it down the most infinitesimal of layers to reality. NDE research seeks and believes that it has proven that some people have had NDE experiences that are beyond the mechanisms of brain function. 

What does this means? To me, these things are exciting in that spirituality does not conflict with science. They aren’t two separate things that violate each other. But they are simply two different layers of reality working in harmony. It shows the viability of panentheism. 

I have a list of scientists who believe or at least study these areas, but for now I’m leaving two talks:

  1. which speak on how evolutionary development was not designed to develop our 5 senses to see reality as it is.
  2. The other one speaks on how consciousness is fundamental to reality. 

I hope this lesson and these talks will help you to see the connection between science and spirituality and that you will grow in wonder and awe at the oneness between all things.