Reconstructing Faith
About Lesson

I grew up thinking heaven was the place Christians went to after death where we worshipped God while angels flew around us for eternity. I have to admit that wasn’t a very appealing picture to me. Investigating what heaven will actually be like is actually what propelled me along this spiritual exploration this past year.

I think of Heaven now as a place of Oneness with God. But I’m not sure what that will be like. Wil our individual personalities and existence dissolve? Will we be connected telepathically, but still have some agency to learn and create individually? I am not sure.

Will heaven be a place of activity and being or just a place of being in love and peace? Will we stay there or will we be propelled outwards into the universe, a part of the breath of God in and out of his essence? 

I am not sure the answer to these questions. I do know that I want to be reunited with God. But if that means just existing in love and peace, that sounds more like a resting station than a place I want to be for eternity. Perhaps heaven is simply the realization that we’re connected with God and the universe while still existing in duality on this earth? Maybe the journey is to bring heaven on earth and everyone acting with the attributes of Christ?

Whatever the case may be I know that the journey and goal is love. Whatever heaven may be or look like I know it is love and that is enough for me. I will continue to pursue and give out love.