Reconstructing Faith
About Lesson

Humans are social beings. Love exists because of relationship. Our most important relationship is the one with God, but out of the outflow of that love we can love our fellow men who are also endowed with the divine spark of God within them. A challenging and rewarding endeavor is to treat everyone from the perspective that they are divine, despite how they might act on the surface. Doing this helps them discover more who they truly are and act from that true identity. 

Where do we find community? Community can come from work, school, sports, church, etc. The most powerful community in my option is the intentionally formed community for growth. That could look like just going to coffee once a week from a friend. It could look like a book study with a bigger. 

These days its so easy to spend our time outside of work or school holed up in our homes alone. Alone time is important and healthy, but so is community. 

Later on, I’ll talk more about Church specifically.