Reconstructing Faith
About Lesson

Cessationism is the belief that the gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased after the time of the Apostles. People believe that these gifts were given at Pentecost and were tools for that specific time period and then cease after the Apostles passed. 

I’ve read many stories and heard personal testimony from friends that convinced me that this belief is not true. I think perhaps rationalism and post-enlightenment materialism is what sways people to believing in cessationism. 

Two other sobering reasons why people no longer believe the gifts are active is so many people faking these things for profit, notoriety, and power. Some Charismatics also claim a sort of health and wealth gospel that God always heals if only our faith is big enough. These toxic and harmful things push people away from true miracles that happen every day, especially in persecuted nations. 

The belief in cessationism is rooted in Theism, the idea that God is separate from creation. Panentheism holds that God is apart of the world and therefore things such as miracles and gifts of the spirit cannot be taken away. They’re apart of God’s spirit which lives inside of us. 

In all of this we should remember Paul’s message in Corinthians that the gifts are meaningless without love. In fact, they can be very destructive. The goal of the gifts is not about power or prestige. Its not about the individual utilizing the gift at all. The gifts are about coming back into wholeness and oneness of God’s love.