Autobiographical sketch and personal testimony

When I was in 2nd Grade I read Chronicles of Narnia. After that, my love for reading exploded and has not slowed down since. I began to cultivate a love of story, meaning, curiosity about the world, beauty, and truth. In college, I became an English Major. In the summer after my junior year of college, I went to Summit Ministries for two weeks to learn about Christian Worldview and Apologetics. Summit Ministries helped me appreciate and continue to broaden my perspectives on culture, Christianity, and truth. I began to see a common thread tying all my interests together: the desire to transform people’s focus from life on earth to the vision of the kingdom of heaven. I believe that God is calling me to use my gifts/passions of deep thinking, curiosity, and writing to make a difference. After I completed my undergraduate degree God opened up several doors. I was awarded a scholarship to attend a Ted Dekker writing conference. I had the opportunity to serve as a Summit staffer for half of the summer. I was awarded a full scholarship to Baylor graduate school in the American Studies program and a TA position in the Journalism department. These life events have helped increase my passion for writing, Christian community, and Biblical application in all aspects of life. The American studies program at Baylor is unique in that instead of a specialized focus, the program allows me to take classes in any field under the Arts. I have taken an English class (Bible as Literature), several journalism classes, and I am currently taking a history class (Global Christianity). I believe that this major is helping me gain a broader worldview and a deeper understanding of truth. I would like to apply this knowledge in my writing, specifically in the areas of Christianity, culture, and worldview. I believe the World Journalism Institute is the perfect opportunity for me to perfect my skills in order to utilize my gifts and focus on the issues I care about most deeply. 

personal testimony

I am the first-born in my family, the experiment child. My parents were hard on me; they did not understand my ADHD. I believe that these early years of development erroneously led me to the conclusion that works defined my faith. I spent many years frustratingly running from and coming back to God. I developed a pattern of feeling a passion for God and making a list of goals to complete to have a good relationship with him, failing, and then running from God, feeling apathetic, and then deceiving myself that it didn’t matter because I could always come back to God. I knew truth in my head, but not my heart. However, my parents cared deeply about me and I was a member of an amazing church. These things drew me back to God. I felt passionate about God and was baptized at eight years old, but like most people, my passion waned as I got older. Throughout junior high and high school, I was bullied. In my undergraduate university I found it hard to fit in. These things made self-confidence difficult. I felt I wasn’t worthy. After college I was not sure what was next. God opened the doors for me to attend my favorite Author’s writing conference. I had won a scholarship from Ted Dekker. Next, I was accepted into working for the summer at Summit Ministries. Finally, I was offered a full scholarship to Baylor University for graduate school. Experiencing these things helped me realize that I am worthy, that God has a plan for me, and that I can continue to trust him to guide me. I have been learning to balance emotions and logic with the Bible and the Holy Spirit. I have been learning that following God consistently is much more important trying to follow him perfectly.

(Submitted to World Magazine for the World Journalism Program on 3/27/16)

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