A New Theological Framework

Last week I stumbled across this blog: www.thymindoman.com while researching Jesus’s humanity. Bryce’s blog and writing are my ideals. This week I was blessed to talk with Bryce and understand his worldview. After reflecting, I believe that this worldview is what I most closely align to at the moment. I’m still considering things like different dimensions, levels of heaven/hell, thought forms, reincarnation, etc. but the view laid out below I can more safely claim. Here it is:

Before the beginning God existed. He became aware of himself. Out of his love he expanded and created the universe. Through evolution humans evolved and become aware of themselves. Everything was from God and God was in everything. Suffering began when man believed that he was separate from God. Life/universe continues to evolve and grow. When man realizes he is one with God he experiences the kingdom of heaven or Christ consciousness on earth. When he believes he is separate he suffers and lives in his ego/carnal false self.

God expands and experiences himself through us. When we die our ego self dies. Our divine self returns to God. God continues to expand and produce more of his spirit into the universe humanity as God participates in new life and conception.  

Throughout time man has woken up to his divine nature and experienced Oneness with God on earth. Many of these individuals have gone on to create religions and conceptualize their experience(s). Over time these concepts of mystical experiences have hardened into strict rules of religion that lose much of the original meaning and ridicule unique/individual experience/guidance by their higher power.

Man by his divine nature inside of him is capable of many things science today would discredit. Likewise, man in his ego self may corrupt these spiritual abilities and use them against his fellow man. Man may also become so lost in his ego mind that he becomes “possessed.” But this is the allusion for “neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God…” Romans 8:39. Man may also realize more of his divine nature and perceive that as angels or spirit guides helping him along the road of life.

This is a call to everyone to seek the kingdom of heaven on earth and realize that they’re not separated from God. Divinity is within you. For those of you who have awakened, but are confused on the meaning, here it is: You have experienced the Oneness of God. Use this experience as a compass to guide you going forward. May you experience many future mystical experiences with God. Live in the ever expansion of God’s love. Namaste.

Again check out Bryce’s website for more eloquent in-depth discussion of these ideas: www.thymindoman.com

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