A New Life Chapter: Finding Purpose

During this period where I did not have a job, I did do some reflecting. I thought about who I was as a person, my personality, strengths, and weaknesses. I thought about what had happened to me for the last few years. I thought about why I was an English major as an undergrad. I love reading and exploring meaning in stories. When I was young, books were my comfort and guided me through life. What I loved most in English is discussing these life lessons from stories, how they applied to our lives today, and how we can use these lessons to grow and overcome hardship. I recognized that I’m more of a one on one or small group type of person. I love connecting deeply with someone else. I have always been the friend that others come to for advice or just give a listening ear. I realized that all these things fit more with becoming a counselor than a professor.

I had considered psychology in undergrad, but I was intimidated by the hard science part of it. I felt more ready at this point in my life. I knew that while I enjoyed intellectual study and conversation, I did not want to live in that world as a full-time job. What I desired most was to help people by connecting deeply with them and exploring vulnerabilities/problems. I also thought that this career path fit with what I heard God telling me about being a prophet. I know I have always had a gift of being able to understand other people well. My experience with Mania, Bipolar, and bullying growing up prepared me well to help others through their struggles as well.

I applied to Texas Tech and LCU. I was accepted by LCU and began fall 2019. I also got a job working for a hotel and started living their for free as part of my job benefits. I also started a job as a substitute teacher. I wanted to be able to do the best I could to stay away from student loans and be able to pay rent for my living which I had struggled with at times and felt guilty about.

I finally felt like I had find direction, purpose, and passion in my life. I knew that God was leading me towards counseling and I felt passionate about that career path unlike all of my previous jobs. Working as a substitute teacher and at a hotel felt good as well. Man is not meant to not work. All of these things helped lift me out of my funk and propelled me into a better stage of life. My growth really started accelerating at this point.

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