2021 Goals

New Year, new me! That’s the goal anyways isn’t it? We make resolutions to go to the gym more, spend less time staring at a screen, or spend less money on fast food. But a month or two into it we quit. Why? Because our goals are too big. Or rather, they need to be broken down into tangible, manageable steps that are easily obtainable and understandable. 

My goals this year are:

  • Be more organized
  • Focused
  • Productive
  • Selfless
  • Continue personal growth

I limited myself to 5 goals, but as you can tell these are not tangible. I broke down these 5 goals into manageable and graspable goals.

  1. Organization

I used to use a planner in grad school, but have since quit. I plan to pick up my planner again and write down work schedules, schoolwork, chores, and social events. I also plan to use my journal daily to structure my day and allot time for each of my tasks. I’m making sure to give myself spare time in case things come up. I’m giving myself grace if I fail to follow my schedule, otherwise I will quit doing it. 

  1. Focused

I’m reading a book called Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience which explains how to enjoy and focus on any activity in life. I plan to play video games less and decrease the amount of time on my phone. Scheduling my days helps me make sure time does not get away from me. Finally, I want to focus on being present in the moment and enjoy the time God has given me on this earth.

  1. Productive

In grad school I was having a hard time being physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually healthy. My counselor laid out a series of things he needed to get every day to be healthy and I followed his example. These essential things are: Sunshine, exercise, water, meditation,reading, working, and leisure. For my personal use I added writing and time with God

  1. Selfless

I am an introvert so if I’m not careful, I spend all of my time away from work or school alone. We live in an age of isolation which is harmful for us. I am going to schedule time every week to be social as well as mindful and open to those who need help and comfort. I want to make time for them. Becoming more selfless will benefit myself as well as others. 

  1. Continued personal Growth

This is a given. We should never stop striving to grow. There are many ways and different areas in life to improve, but this year I want to focus on a few specific habits. I want to become more joyful. I can do this by starting up a thankfulness list again. In every situation in life I can ask myself the question: How can I learn from this? How can my actions now benefit others? I also want to become fearless. I want to identify my fears and run towards them instead of away. Growth comes through discomfort. I also want to continue to grow closer to God. I want to do this by continuing to meet with my mentor and Bible study group every week. I want to commit to going to church regularly. I want to spend time daily with God. 

I want to examine my goals monthly at least, if not weekly. I will use my journal to explore these things more in depth and tweak anything that is not working. I want to remain flexible for life’s twists and turns. 

How about you? What are your goals for 2021? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below.

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